Fishig Spots in Cocoa Beach

Find out about some of Cocoa Beach's best fishing destinations from the Mosquito Lagoon to Sebastian Inlet.

Directions and Information about Cocoa Beach's Area Boat Launches.

What kind of Fish can you Expect to Catch while visiting Cocoa Beach?

Fishing Information

Florida's Space Coast and Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a the epicenter of fishing on Florida's East Coast or Space Coast. Located less than an hour from Orlando's Theme Parks, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Epcot and Hollywood Studios it's the perfect place for anglers from all over the globe to visit and cast their lines for saltwater and freshwater fish species while enjoying sunshine and warm tropical weather throughout the year.

This website is an attempt to give visiting and local anglers the information they need to have successful fishing in the area. We've provided information about all the area hotels, motels and resorts so that the traveling anglers can rest their tired heads. We've also attempted to throw in the area's most prominent or local restaurants and watering holes so that everyone can find places to get their fill of Cocoa Beach's native cuisine.

Our local anglers keep us abreast with fishing reports and we have several fishing guides and charter captains keeping us in tune with what's going on in the surrounding water whether it's in the Atlantic Ocean, Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River Lagoon or Indian River Lagoon.

Cocoa Beach is adjacent to Melbourne Beach's world renowned Sebastian inlet, a mecca for snook anglers from all seeking these gamefish. You'll find directions to boat ramps, fishing techniques and upcoming seminars on how to fish this remarkable fishery and it's adjacent waters.

Brevard County has the Mosquito Lagoon on it's northern most boundary and if you've been watching ESPN with Flip Pallot and his Walkers Cay Chronicles or The Spanish Fly with Jose Wejebe you've undoubtedly seen segments featuring footage of this watershed. We've included directions to the best boat ramps, wading areas and bank fishing.

So... for now, click away and explore Cocoa Beach and it's offerings to anglers from around the world.